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At the Church Health Center, we believe that God created us body and spirit, and that we have a responsibility to be good stewards of our health and help others do the same.   

Part of being good stewards is to take government programs and other programs into account and adjust our services to fill the gaps in access to care. As these programs have come on the scene in our 28 years, we have stayed focused on doing the most good for the most people with the resources we have. Making adjustments in light of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is no different.   

We believe that continuity of care is an important part of delivering the best care to our patients. The people we serve often have multiple health conditions and high-risk problems that benefit from our whole-person model of care and wide range of services.   

Currently, if patients choose a health insurance plan through the ACA-mandated Exchange, they must choose a new primary care provider and leave our system of care. They may underestimate the costs associated with health insurance, become uninsured again and return to us for care later on. Cycling back and forth between being insured and uninsured creates confusion and disrupt patients’ continuity of care, and it reduces our productivity by creating unnecessary, time-consuming work for our staff.   

So, in order to continue to provide the best care to our patients and be good stewards of our own time and resources, we must create a more flexible framework for our services that allows us to continue to provide care to our existing patients even if they enroll in a plan through the Exchange.   

We are implementing a plan to accept insurance from our existing patients who become insured through the Exchange.   

We are:             
  • Continuing to host ACA information sessions to inform patients and help get them enrolled.
  • Pursuing application counselor credentials for additional members of our staff.
  • Preparing to accept Exchange plans and bill for services. 
  • Creating informational flyers and other collateral to best inform our patients.  
  • Continuing other means of maintaining continuity of care such as caring for our patients who age into Medicare, and seeing our patients’ children who are covered by CoverKids.

The following locations can also assist you with your application:

Memphis Health Center, Inc.
915 East Mclemore, #107 -OR-
360 E.H. Crump Blvd.Memphis Tn 38126
Shelby County Healthcare Organization
877 Jefferson Avenue
Memphis TN 38103
Christ Community Health Services
2595 Central Avenue
Memphis TN 38104

Visit www.healthcare.gov or call 1-800-318-2596 to learn more.

The Church Health Center convened a group of Tennessee healthcare stakeholders to hear from Beth Uselton and Lisa Pote on connecting Tennesseeans with coverage in the new health insurance marketplace mandated by the healthcare law (Get Covered Tennessee). Here is their presentation.

For more resources on the new health insurance marketplace, visit TNCrossings.org. or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Here is an article by Bianca Phillips from the Memphis Flyer

Download our letter to MEMPHIS Plan employers.