Church Health Scholars

Established in 1987, Church Health seeks to reclaim the Church’s biblical commitment to care for our bodies and spirits by providing medical services, preventative programs, and health education for the Memphis area. Though it originated as the volunteer based Clinic Assistant Program, Church Health Scholars has developed over the past three decades. Since the program’s inception in the mid-nineties, the program has helped participants launch careers as medical providers, community leaders, and healthcare professionals. 

Scholar Class 2016-2017

    Scholar Class 2015-2017       

                                 Scholar Class 2014-2015                                      Scholar Class 2015-2016

Church Health Scholars is a one year, service learning fellowship program for recent 4-year college graduates interested in serving underserved populations and exploring the intersection of faith and health. By providing early exposure to honorable work through the Scholars program, Church Health aims to provide a firm foundation for Scholars to build professional and personal values, work ethic, and perspective that forward the command to care for one another in our Memphis community.