Foundations of Faith Community Nursing    

Parish nursing is a growing specialty practice of nursing that is recognized by the American Nursing Association as Faith Community Nursing. It is also a ministry that is embraced by many different Christian denominations as well as other faith traditions. To better understand the foundation of this ministry, view the Philosophy, Root Assumption, and Strategic Vision.

As a nursing specialty, there are specific qualifications for those entering faith community nursing. The person must be a registered nurse with a current license or a student in a baccalaureate nursing education program. The person must also have at least 2-5 years of experience where skills have been developed for health assessment and problem-solving.  For additional information on faith community nurse skill sets, click here.

Training specifically designed for health ministry is necessary to understand the focus and tasks of the ministry. Courses are available in many locations throughout the US and in several countries on five continents. The Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Classes (formerly Parish Nurse Basic Preparation) for faith community nursing are in a variety of formats including weekly classes, on-line courses, retreat settings, and combinations of independent study and class work.