Our Mission

Church Health  seeks to reclaim the Church’s biblical commitment to care for our bodies and our spirits.

Our Core Purpose

To improve health and well-being so that people can experience the full richness of life.

Our Values

We are welcoming to people of all beliefs and respectful of their individual needs.
We are compassionate, nurturing the health, well-being, and dignity of each other and those we serve.
We are collaborative, seeking and sharing best practices and respecting the mutual contributions we make in fulfilling our mission.
We are innovative, challenging ourselves and our partners to improve the way we work and serve. 
We are passionate in the pursuit of our mission.

We serve all equally, with integrity and openness, breaking down barriers that build injustice.

Our Aims

  1. SERVE & HEAL (core)
    We will integrate faith and health into accessible, comprehensive, high-quality services to serve more and serve better and improve the health of our community.
  2. BUILD & COLLABORATE (local)
    We will build partnerships that extend our reach, support our Model for Healthy Living and deliver improved health and well-being throughout our community.

  3. SHARE & LEARN (global)
    We will both share and seek knowledge among the world’s faith and health communities to improve healthcare and promote whole-person wellness.

  4. IMPROVE & DELIVER (internal)
    We will improve the health of our population and enhance the service experience with stewardship of our resources and quality improvement strategies.