Church Health is committed to connecting people of faith and their congregations with quality health resources, meaningful volunteer opportunities and trusted educational experiences. 

As an integral part of a healing ministry, faith community nursing is one of the best ways a congregation can promote health and wholeness. Faith community nurses serve congregations large and small in a variety of ways and serve in diverse faith communities throughout the world.

From the training of Congregational Health Promoters to the development of faith-based walking programs to the creation of curricula that explore the meaning of health and healing ministry, Church Health develops quality resources for use by people of faith.  

Our Church Health Reader, connects churches and people who work in them who  are interested in healing ministry by providing them with both theological frameworks and practical applications. 

Volunteer Opportunities: At the core of its mission, all Church Health employees are committed to providing meaningful volunteer opportunities for lay and professional volunteers who wish to serve others through our ministry.

Through internships, conferences and public forums, Church Health provides educational opportunities for students and professionals to connect faith with health and explore how their chosen career might be influenced by the experience.

Unhealthy children often become unhealthy adults.  To explore innovative ways to break this cycle, Church Health opened Perea preschool that is not only focused on academic development of young minds but is also committed to creating a learning environment that emphasizes health of body and spirit.

To learn more about our many outreach programs, contact or call (901) 261-8833.